Release Note — March 14, 2020

Updates for


  • The Great Escape Challenge has ended! Winners will be notified on March 30th, 12pm via email and on the site.

New + Improved

  • Due to increasing concern over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have moved the Coronavirus filter out of the safety filter for increased visibility.
  • A new global filter for LGBT friendliness has been added. Filter countries based on how safe and friendly it is towards LGBT travelers for peace of mind.
  • A additional button has been added which allows you to quickly switch your current origin and destination. For multiple origins, it will use the first selected origin.
  • You can now filter tickets by cabin class (economy, premium economy, business, and first). By default, we show economy class for the lowest prices.



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We intend to simplify this process through a series of data visualisations that help you plan your next trip within few minutes. Ready?